Zersen Family History

Descendants of Cord Zersen born about 1623 in Hamelspringe, Germany

Family Photos


Photos of Zersen family members

Home site of ancestor Cord Zersen (b. 1623) with descendent Juergen Zersen
Gandersum Zersens: l to r, Frau Bagger, Patrick, Rolf, Hannelore
Harmana and Theo Zersen at East Friesland Breakfast
Gandersum Zersens: Adolfine, Else, Friedrich and Theo
Bakede Zersens: Heinrich and Liselote, Dave, Guenther
Youngest Zersen: Aiden, Milwaukee, Rolf and Leslie's son
Guenther Zersen and Juergen Zersen discussing politics
Cousins in Germany: Patrick Zersen (15), Jannick Hoppe (13) and Patrick Maarfeld (14)
Theda Paus (mother was Tetje Zersen) with her two twin grandchildren, Malina and Sophia Hoppe (6)
Christian and Petra von Zerssen with daughter, Zoe. Christian is the son of Hans and Gabriele von Zerssen of Giessen, Germany
A NAUTICAL ZERSEN - Todd Zersen steering the Washington State Ferry "Stealth," transferring up to 2000 passengers and cars between the San Juan islands near the Canadian border. Todd now has his Chief Mate's license and will be working toward his Captain's license in a couple of years.
Carl Uebel (left, married to Kathie nee Zersen), with son Chris, three sons-in-law (Greg, Craig and Phil) and two grandsons (Nick and Mason).
Kathie Zersen Uebel (center) with three daughters (Charmaine, Andrea and Vanessa), daughter-in-law Laurie and granddaughter, Celja
Newest member of the extended Zersen family is Maximilian Gault, born July 5, 2012, in Scotland, son of Alexander Gault and Corinna