Zersen Family History

Descendants of Cord Zersen born about 1623 in Hamelspringe, Germany

Heritage Photos-Important Locations in the Zersen History


The following pictures document some of the important locations in the Zersen Family History

Gatehouse for Schaumburg Castle where Zerssens worked in the Middle Ages
Fischbeck Church where Zersens belonged when living in Haddessen
Parish Church at Krueckeberg to which the village of Zersen belongs
Birthplace of Carl Ludwig Zersen (House 24) in Haddessen, Germany
Home of Hans Hinrich Zertzen and Engel Elisebeth Niemeyer - 1732
Inscription over door of House 4 in Hammelspringe, Germany
Lutheran Church in Bakede where Hamelspringe Zersens were members.